Friday 19 August 2016

The Great Rota mystery

Hello. Shop Girl X here. I’m at work today. And then…who knows? The Boss Erratic hasn’t done a rota. So I have no idea what I’m working next month, next week, or even in two days time!

Sadly, this isn’t unusual.

The Boss Erratic (aka TBE) seems to find compiling rotas a bore. Actually, TBE seems to find quite a lot of things a bore: health and safety safeguards, any sort of team communication, food sell-by dates. A queen of visual merchandising she may be, but a stickler for the rotas (and practically anything else) she is not. 

Picture: Pixabay: Artsy Bee

Unfortunately, by the time my rota normally arrives, I’ve already booked in a bunch of activities (dentist, haircut, heavy drinking session; you know the stuff) on the days she’s got me down to work. Now, it’s not my hairdresser’s or my dentist’s fault that TBE is such a disorganised slattern, and they have their own carefully worked out schedules to adhere to, so I’m damn well not going to change my plans.

But (rightly or wrongly), I feel bad about this, so I end up doing a sort of awkward cherry-picking/swap type thing; (“I can’t work that day, but I can work that day instead. And I can’t do those two days, but the next day is fine” etc etc).

She never really objects to this (How can she? The woman gives me barely any notice of any forthcoming rota), so I find myself in the strange, and yet, not entirely unpleasant position of organising my work around my social life, rather than my social life around my work. Not too bad, eh?

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