Friday 2 December 2016

Embarrassing pumpkin soup for Christmas, anyone?

So the local town did Halloween. How long ago was that now? Over a month. This town does Halloween in a big way: lots of dressing up and partying. And the shops join in. All the shop windows are bedecked with pumpkins and cobwebs and witches broomsticks weeks before the big night. 

All except one.

The window of the Out Of Favour (OOF) shop was still rocking floaty, summery numbers right up until the 31st October, when three sad looking pumpkins quietly appeared in the display.

Three sad looking pumpkins.But still less sad than the actual ones. Picture: htconesandroid: Pixabay

Woo hoo! At last! The OOF shop is all set to do the Retail Run-up to Halloween, which is, er, today......

The day after Halloween, the shops moved on; pumpkins, cobwebs and the like disappeared from every shop window in the high street.

Except one.

In the realm of the OOF shop window it was still very much Halloween. The OOF shop may have caught on late, but now it had, it was damn well going to get its moneys-worth, and those three sad pumpkins weren’t going anywhere, thank you very much.

Picture: ArtsyBee: Pixabay
To be fair, this probably had more to do with 
The Boss Erratic’s (aka TBE’s) attention span 
and boredom threshold than any conscious act 
of defiance. 

Being the visual merchandising demi-god she is, 
I did think she would take them away fairly sharpish, 
but when they were still there a week later, 
I sadly realised she had resigned them to the, 
‘Too utterly tedious to care,’ portion of her brain*, 
and they were tragically lost to her conscious mind 

And so there they sat, looking faintly ridiculous and out of place a week after every other pumpkin in town had the decency to disappear.

One week.
Two weeks.
Three weeks.
Oh come on, this is getting ridiculous!

What?! Me take them out?! Well, I could have done, but where would be the fun in that?! I wanted to see these babies run and run (literally, if they stayed in the window for much longer...).

Three and a half weeks.
Four weeks
Four weeks after Halloween!!!

Argh! I cracked! I couldn’t stand it anymore! I’m not ashamed to admit I was embarrassed by pumpkins – not something I’d ever expected to say in my lifetime, but you never know what exciting turns your life will take, do you? I took them out of the window and tossed them into the kitchen/dumping ground. Otherwise they’d still have been there approaching Christmas. Urgh.

They’re still there now, amongst the dead plants, piles of redundant hangers, damaged fixtures and out of season stock. And they’ll probably stay there until someone much more conscientious than TBE, and much more grown up than me, throws them away.

Pumpkin nightmares in Out Of Favour Shop World Christmas Made Up Land. Picture: ArtsyBee, Pixabay

*I think this part of her brain must be very, very big.